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Ginger Drying Process


The ginger drying process mainly includes ginger cleaning and peeling, ginger slicing, and ginger drying. Our ginger drying equipment can dry 100-1000kg of ginger slices per batch. The processing capacity is different, and the ginger drying equipment is equipped with different configurations.

First of all, it is necessary to remove the silt and other impurities on the surface of the ginger through the ginger cleaning and peeling machine. The main method is to use the friction generated between the rotation of the brush roller and the material to peel the ginger. The shower device can quickly wash away the dander and sediment on the surface of ginger;

Secondly, slice the ginger after cleaning and peeling. If the processing capacity of each batch is relatively high, you can configure two ginger slicers to process the ginger slices. The thickness of the ginger slices should be controlled at about 4mm. Ginger slices have better drying quality;

Finally, put the sliced ginger on a plate and push it into the drying equipment for drying. If there is a requirement for continuity, or a large batch of ginger slices needs to be dried, a lifting device can be directly configured, and the cut ginger slices can be directly transported to the mesh belt of the dryer, and then transported to the dryer through the mesh belt for ginger slices drying.

The drying temperature is set at 90 degrees, and the drying time is 6 hours. Generally, 30 kg of ginger can be cleaned and peeled, and 5 kg of dehydrated ginger slices can be obtained.

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