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Herb Drying Precautions By Herb Drying Machine


The important problem in the herbal medicines drying process  is that the water content is very high, mostly more than 70%. In the process and links of picking, transportation, storage, sales, etc., if it is not handled properly, it is easy to deteriorate and rot, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. According to statistics, the loss ratio is as high as 30%-40%. application is particularly important. What should be paid attention to when the Chinese medicinal material dryer is drying medicinal materials?

1. When the temperature of Chinese medicinal materials is uniform when heated, the medicinal properties and pharmacological properties of the medicinal materials can be well protected and not easily damaged.

2. The drying color of Chinese medicinal materials is one of the important signs of drying quality acceptance. It is very important to maintain the natural color of materials during the drying process. If not handled properly, it is prone to undesirable color changes such as yellow, brown or black. When necessary, some processes need to be added before drying with a Chinese herbal medicine dryer.

3. Chinese medicinal materials are aromatic substances, and the loss of aromatic substances is related to temperature, humidity and oxidation. Generally speaking, low-temperature drying is easy to retain aromatic substances. The retention of aromatic substances largely determines the flavor of the material

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