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Ginger Processing Machine Price


The ginger processing machine price ranges from tens of thousands of dollars to more than a hundred thousand dollars, mainly depending on the finished product of ginger processing and the amount of ginger processed per hour.

The more common ginger processing mainly includes two kinds of dehydration of ginger slices and dehydration of ginger slices grinding, and different finished products require different ginger processing techniques. There will also be some impact on the price of ginger processing machines, but the overall impact is not significant, mainly depending on the customer's demand for ginger processing capacity per batch.

The ginger dehydration process mainly includes: ginger cleaning and peeling, ginger slicing, ginger dehydration (this is the main factor affecting the price of ginger processing machine), dehydration ginger grinding, ginger powder packaging, etc.


Why is the dehydration of ginger slices the main factor affecting the ginger processing machine price? The main reason is that the processing volume of each batch of customers is different, and customers have different requirements for continuous operation.

The continuous mesh belt dryer can dry tons of ginger slices in each batch, and can seamlessly connect the previous ginger slice processing technology to meet the fully automatic processing requirements of customers. This ginger dehydration equipment is mainly suitable for large ginger processing enterprises and can meet their requirements for efficiency.

The heat pump dryer can meet the needs of customers with medium processing capacity, and each batch can dry 300kg of ginger slices. The outstanding feature of this ginger slice drying method is energy saving and environmental protection.

Ginger slice drying box is more suitable for customers with small output to dry ginger slices. Each batch can dry 100kg ginger slices. The equipment has compact structure, small floor space and low investment cost.

Here is the hot air ginger dryer oven testing in oru factory for your reference!!

We can configure different ginger dehydration equipment for customers according to their actual needs, which will have a greater impact on the price of ginger processing machines.

Do you also want to start a ginger processing business? You are always welcome to tell us your ginger processing needs online and get a free quotation for ginger processing machines! !

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