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Grape Drying Process


Do you know how sweet and sour raisins are made? Let's take a look at the production method of grapes. The current grape drying method is to use our heat pump to dry our grapes. It is not like the natural drying method and boiler drying method we used to dry our grapes.

Heat pump grape dryer

The heat pump grape dryer equipment is a heat pump dryer equipment produced in recent years. This kind of heat pump dryer equipment uses the heat of the air in our outside world to dry when drying. It Use the evaporator to absorb the heat in the air in the outside world, and then transfer it to the compressor to compress it into a high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and then release the heat from our condenser to dry the grapes, and the cycle in turn is The drying principle of our grape dryer equipment.

Grape dryer project

Let's take a look at a grape drying project

This adopts 1 set of 6.5kW, 7P integral side air drying heat pump unit, advection air channel structure design, automatic dehumidification heat recovery and dehumidification, 2000 catties of fresh grapes can be loaded at a time, the drying time is 36 hours, and the total power consumption is 300 degrees. The energy consumption per unit of dry product is 0.6 degrees/catties, the uniformity and quality of the product are good, the heating and drying speed is fast, and the unit works normally at -5°C.

Summary: When using heat pump dryer equipment to dry grapes, there is no need for personnel to guard them. Instead, we use one of our microcomputers and touch screens to control the continuous drying. The drying temperature can reach our 80°C for drying. Grapes, this drying temperature can meet our heat pump drying needs.

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