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Pasture Heat Pump Dryer


Pasture heat pump dryer equipment, it is a device that uses the heat of the air in the outside world to dry our pasture. This kind of heat pump drying equipment does not need to burn materials to dry the pasture. Our forage provides heat, but the evaporator absorbs the heat in the air from the outside, and then transfers it to the condenser to release heat to dry our forage, and this cycle is our heat pump forage drying. The principle of dryer equipment drying.

Why should pasture be dried

The main purpose of pasture drying is that the pasture drying can be kept for a longer time, which is equivalent to storing our pasture. We all know that our pasture will not grow out in winter, so at this time, We can take out the dried pasture, so drying our pasture can achieve one of our storage purposes.

What kind of pasture is generally dried by pasture heat pump  dryer

In our common pasture drying, we often see straw, elephant grass, seaweed, water grass, first grass, reed grass, foxtail grass, oats, etc. The pasture drying is generally carried out by our assembly line. Drying, because the amount of pasture drying is relatively large, generally several tons or tens of tons are dried.

Pasture heat pump dryer drying temperature

The drying temperature of the pasture heat pump dryer can reach our 80°C. This drying temperature range can meet our pasture drying range, because our pasture drying belongs to low-temperature drying. The method of drying, let our drying temperature gradually increase.

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