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What Is The Heat Pump Dryer Drying Methods?


Drying is the process of removing moisture from various materials. Various materials can be solid, liquid or gas, and solids can be divided into bulk materials, fiber materials, granular materials, fine powder materials, etc., and moisture is generally The moisture in the material can also be other solvents. Here, water is used as an object.

There are three types of heat pump dryer methods:

1) heating and drying method

That is what we often call drying, which uses thermal energy to heat the material and vaporize the moisture in the material. Removing moisture from materials requires a certain amount of heat energy. Usually the air is used to dry the material, the air is pre-heated and sent into the dryer, the heat is transferred to the material, the moisture in the material is vaporized to form water vapor, and it is taken out of the dryer with the air. After the material is heated and dried, the combined moisture in the material can be removed to achieve the moisture content required by the product or raw material.

2) Mechanical dehydration method

The mechanical dehydration method is to pressurize the material to squeeze out part of the water. Commonly used methods are pressing, sedimentation, filtration, centrifugation and so on. The mechanical dehydration method can only remove part of the free moisture in the material, and the combined moisture still remains in the material. Therefore, the moisture content of the material after mechanical dehydration is still high, generally 40 to 60%. But mechanical dehydration is the most economical method.

3) Chemical dehumidification method

It is to use hygroscopic agent to remove a small amount of moisture in gas, liquid and solid materials. Due to the limited dehumidification ability of hygroscopic agent, it is only used to remove trace moisture in materials. Therefore, it is rarely used in production.

In the actual production process, mechanical dehydration is generally used to remove a large amount of free water as much as possible for high-humidity materials, and then other drying methods are used for drying.

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