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Heat Pump Dryer Installation Method


Heat pump dryer installation method: Air energy heat pump dryer is currently an energy-saving drying equipment. It is widely used. The main application fields are: fruits and vegetables, medicinal materials, industry, seafood, etc.

The air energy heat pump dryer has many advantages such as power saving, energy saving, sanitation and so on in the actual use process. Before installation, we need to know that this system is composed of modules such as main engine + board room + material truck + fan frame + axial flow fan, so there must be an order when installing.

1. Install board room. The prefabricated house is assembled by a combination of polyurethane foam boards one by one. When assembling the prefabricated house, it can be assembled according to the design drawings, just like building blocks when I was young. It should be noted that before assembling the board room, the protective film on each board should be torn off.

2. Install the bottom plate, pay attention to the flatness of the ground, and lay cement or floor tiles.

3. Laying side panels, doors and roof panels. The side panel can be snapped into the groove of the bottom panel, and then use the hex tool to penetrate the keyhole, turn the shackle inside, and hook the other panel. Same goes for doors and top panels.

Fourth, install the fan rack. Move the fan frame that has been installed with the axial flow fan into the tail of the drying room near 1.25 meters, and fix the position on the left side.

5. Assemble the main unit, assemble the main unit at the end of the already installed drying room. One side of the main unit’s display screen is flush with the outer wall of the drying room, and one side of the condenser is flush with the fan frame.

6. Complete the assembly of the 4 small boards around the host, and then connect the three-phase power to the power box of the host, so that the installation of the whole air energy heat pump dryer is completed, and then you can set the parameters according to the drying materials and wait for the test machine.

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