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Heat Pump Dryer Technology


The heat pump dryer technology is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating technology based on the reverse Carnot cycle principle. The air energy heat pump dryer system obtains a low-temperature heat source through natural energy (air heat storage), and becomes a high-temperature heat source after the efficient heat collection and integration of the system, which is used to obtain (supply) heat or supply hot water. The heat collection efficiency of the entire system is very high.


High temperature heat pump dryer has four advantages:

The first is energy saving, which is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of energy.

The second point is conducive to environmental protection.

The third point is the combination of cold and heat, high utilization rate of equipment, saving investment.

The fourth point is that because it is driven by electricity, it is more convenient to control, so the heat pump has attracted everyone's attention. Heat pump technology is an energy technology in the 21st century. It can improve the utilization of energy efficiency through the form of heat pump. The utilization of energy efficiency has two meanings. From an environmental point of view, it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce harmful effects on the environment. the elements of.


From another aspect, it is a technology to solve the high-altitude load of electricity. Do heat pump products belong to solar products?

In terms of working principle, it does not belong to traditional solar products. Heat pump products are quite different from conventional solar products. Conventional solar products use water as the medium and must rely on direct sunlight or radiation to achieve heating effects, while heat pump products use refrigerants to absorb heat energy in the air and solar radiation energy, and pass through After compression and heating, the compressor exchanges heat with water to achieve the heating effect, so the principle of the product is the same as that of the air conditioner.

What is the working principle of air energy dryer products?

The product uses refrigerant as the medium. The refrigerant has a low vaporization temperature and can be vaporized at -40°C. Therefore, there is a temperature difference between it and the outside temperature. The high-pressure gas, after exchanging heat with water through the heat exchanger, releases the pressure through the expansion valve and returns to the low-temperature and low-pressure liquefied state. Through the continuous circulation of the refrigerant and the heat exchange with the water, the water in the water tank is heated.

Do heat pump products need electricity?

Electricity must be used. The compressor uses electric energy to compress and heat, not direct heating. The air source heat pump also has a fan, which also needs electricity, but the electricity consumption is less.


What are the characteristics of heat pump dryer products?

1. It is not affected by the environment and can be used all year round;

2. The energy-saving effect is outstanding, and the investment recovery period is short;

3. Environmentally friendly products without any pollution;

4. Long service life and low operating cost;

5. Safe operation, unmanned operation;

6. Modular design, easy to install. Heat pumps and conventional solar products


What are the advantages of energy-saving dryers?

1. It has a wide range of applications. The product is suitable for a temperature range of -10-40°C, and it can be used all year round, and it can be used normally without being affected by bad weather such as cloudy, rain, snow, and winter nights.

2. It can be heated continuously. Compared with the traditional solar water storage type, the heat pump product can be continuously heated and continuously supplied to meet the needs of users.

3. Low operating cost: Compared with conventional solar energy, when the sun is good in spring, summer and autumn, the operating cost is higher than solar energy, but in rainy days and nights, the thermal efficiency is much higher than solar electric auxiliary heating. On average throughout the year, the annual energy consumption of conventional solar auxiliary systems is much higher than the total annual energy consumption of products.

4. Easy installation: The air source heat pump occupies a small space, and its shape is similar to that of an outdoor air conditioner.

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