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Heat Pump Drying Speeds Up The Betel Nut Industry Green Transformation Pace


According to the "Notice on Comprehensively Rectifying Environmental Pollution by the Betel Nut Processing Industry", it is clearly forbidden to use traditional smoking techniques to bake and dry betel nuts. The environmental pollution caused by traditional smoking and drying of betel nuts has always been the focus of the remediation of the areca nut industry. However, the research and development and promotion of smoke-free technology and the application of air source heat pump dryers have accelerated the pace of green transformation of the betel nut industry and promoted the betel nut processing industry. Continue to develop in the direction of health and safety.

In fact, a few years ago, the origin of betel nuts used government subsidies to promote air source heat pump drying technology, which has achieved good results. We have done many betel nut drying projects in the origin of betel nuts in the past two years. According to our professionals, many local processing factories have adopted smoke-free technology and green fruit refining technology. At the same time, green fruit betel nuts are dried by heat pump with raw seeds, and then mixed with a special formula of brine, which preserves the tradition of betel nuts to a certain extent. The smoked flavor also avoids the environmental pollution caused by the smoking process.

Heat pump drying is adopted. During the whole drying process, there is no discharge of any pollutants harmful to the environment and people. During the drying process, the temperature and humidity are automatically controlled. After the drying is completed, the machine will automatically stop. The whole process only needs to remove the betel nuts. Classify (large, medium and small) with a sorting machine, cook them thoroughly and push them into the drying room, which cannot be done by local drying methods, saving a lot of labor costs; the quality of the fruits is good, and the drying process uses uniform hot air circulation, and the drying process The finished betel nut shrinks evenly and does not fall off, the texture is more beautiful, and there is no any peculiar smell; in addition, one machine can be used for multiple purposes. In addition to being used for betel nut drying, it can be used for food drying processing with slight changes, which greatly reduces the idle time of the equipment. , Improve equipment efficiency.

In terms of drying cost, take the actual situation of our previous project as an example. If the traditional drying of betel nut green fruit is used, the comprehensive cost per catty is about 0.6 RMB (including labor), while the heat pump is used to dry the betel nut green fruit. The comprehensive cost per catty As long as about 0.25 yuan RMB, the cost of baking is greatly reduced, and the benefits are remarkable.

Betel nuts have a high water content, so try not to pile them up when placing them. When drying, you need to strictly control the temperature and humidity, otherwise the fresh fruit is likely to become moldy and deteriorate, and the temperature should not be too high to avoid the finished product from turning black after drying. Content will also decrease, affecting the value of the finished product.

The first stage: when the fruit is just put into the furnace, because the water content is still high, first use the dryer to gradually increase the temperature and keep it for 20-24 hours to gradually evaporate the water. Partial water discharge;

The second stage: shovel screening. In order to ensure the uniform drying speed of the betel nuts, the betel nuts are screened, and the large and small fruits are sorted out. The large fruits are placed at the bottom of the drying room, and the temperature is kept at about 60°C;

The third stage: the temperature is gradually increased (the highest temperature cannot exceed 70°C), so that the water evaporates, and the humidity is adjusted to automatically dehumidify, so that the water vapor can be discharged. This lasts for 20 to 24 hours, so that most of the water can be discharged;

The fourth stage: lower the temperature to 55-60°C, and continue to bake for two days, so that the weight of the fruit drops to 25-30% of the weight of the fresh fruit, and the dried fruit is ready.

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