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How To Control The Mushroom Heat Pump Dryer Temperature


The heat pump mushroom dryer is a device that uses the air heat in the outside to dry the mushrooms. This dryer does not need to burn materials to dry when drying, but uses evaporation. The condenser absorbs the heat in the air in the outside world, and then transmits it to the compressor for compression into high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and then transmits the outside gas to the condenser to release heat to dry the mushrooms outside. This cycle is The principle of heat pump drying.

Heat pump mushrooms drying temperature

The temperature of the heat pump mushroom drying machine comes from the air heat in the outside world. When drying, the temperature reaches our 80°C. This drying range can also meet the drying range of our mushroom type.


Control way of mushroom drying temperature 

After we have dried our mushrooms with air intervention, we will raise the temperature of the drying oven to 35 °C. At this time, we can dry the mushrooms in the room. When drying, the temperature is first low, and then the temperature is gradually increased.

Usually, the temperature is increased by 1-3 °C in one hour, and the temperature should be controlled at 80-85 °C. Generally, it is required to bake at 35-40°C for 6 hours, at 40-60°C for 8-10 hours, and at 60°C for 2 hours.

The higher the moisture content of mushrooms, the longer they need to be roasted at low temperatures. If the temperature rises suddenly at the beginning of baking, it will cause the tissue to lose water too quickly, so that the mushroom cap is deformed and unrounded, the gills are inverted, the cap is cracked, the color becomes black, and the activity of enzymes is destroyed. Loses its original fragrance. At this time, our drying is about to be completed, and we use a heat pump to dry the mushrooms for us. When drying, it will not discharge our pollutants. It is a green and environmentally friendly drying equipment.

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