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How To Dehydrated Kiwi


Kiwifruit has high nutritional value, it contains calcium, potassium, selenium and other trace elements, which has a good health care effect. Because of the sweet and sour characteristics of kiwi, and rich in a variety of healthy vitamins, kiwi and its products have become a trend.

Because kiwifruit has a high water content after being picked, it is particularly easy to rot after maturity. If it is dried and processed, the nutrition and taste of kiwifruit can be preserved for a long time.

Microwave drying: Although the efficiency is high, the color and nutritional content of kiwifruit cannot be guaranteed.

Vacuum drying: Although the functional components of kiwifruit remain high, the drying efficiency is very low and the energy loss is relatively large.

Electric heating oven drying: Although the efficiency is high and the drying is fast, the energy loss is relatively large. Due to the rapid temperature increase, the effective components of kiwifruit are seriously lost.

Air energy kiwifruit dryer: It can achieve cold drying and shade drying. The finished kiwifruit has good color and low loss of components. It uses air energy to dry, so the energy consumption is very low, the heat is high, and the later operation cost is low.

The air energy kiwifruit dryer is used to dry kiwifruit, and a batch can be produced in 20 hours when it is fast. Kiwifruit is suitable for processing when it is close to maturity and its sugar content reaches 7.5%-8%. It can also be divided according to the size of the fruit shape, so that the size of the kiwi fruit is consistent after drying and processing. In order to prevent oxidation of kiwifruit, cut kiwifruit slices should be stored in a 1%-2% salt solution. The kiwi fruit slices can be dried after cooking and candied.

Drying process reference of kiwi fruit dryer:

Set the temperature to 50°C, when it is half dry, increase the temperature to 55°C-58°C, and then bake it to full dryness. After drying, the dried kiwifruit should not stick to the outside and be elastic when pinched.

The heat pump type kiwifruit dryer is a kind of drying equipment close to nature, with uniform wind speed and heat, relatively mild, and the evaporation rate of water on the surface of kiwifruit is similar to the evaporation rate of internal water migration to the surface. The full use of the dried kiwifruit has good color and good quality, which makes the dried kiwifruit occupy a place in the market.

With the development of the market, dried kiwifruit is more and more popular. On the one hand, dried kiwifruit is more in line with contemporary people's pursuit of nutrition and convenience. On the other hand, dried fruit is not just a fruit, but a snack that is easier to share. It meets consumers' demand for nutritious, healthy and convenient healthy food. The kiwi fruit heat pump dryer is also designed based on the concept of health, environmental protection and energy saving, so that everyone can eat clean and delicious healthy food.

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