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How To Make Plantain Flour?


Make plantain flour firstly need a complete plantain flour processing machine.The plantain flour processing machine mainly include plantain washing, plantain blanching, plantain peeling, plantain slicing, plantain dehydrating, plantain powder grinding.

Each plantain processing machine have its's own functions:

1. Plantain peeling machine

The first step in the processing line of the plantain flour mill is to peel the plantain. The green banana peeler adopts manual feeding and automatic peeling process, which can quickly remove the green banana peel, peeling clean and not damaged. In addition, the peeling machine is suitable for any size, and the arc is separated from the plantain. The peeling effect is perfect. It is unique in the current global banana peeling machine and is the best product for banana plants in the world.

2. Banana slicing machine

The automatic banana slice cutting machine is used to cut bananas into slices. The cutting surface is smooth and uniform, the thickness is adjustable, and it is not crushed. The banana slice cutting machine is made of food grade stainless steel SUS304, which is healthy and safe. Simple operation and high efficiency.

3. Banana multilayer dryer

Regarding plantain drying, we can use an industrial plantain dryer to dry in an oven or other dryers for a short time. Fully automatic multi-layer banana chip dryer, also used for dehydration of vegetables, medicines and fruits. Bananas are white or light yellow after drying and can be processed into large banana powder. Different types of drying equipment space can meet the production of different materials.

3. Banana powder grinding machine

After the plantain is dried, it is time to grind the dried plantain slices to obtain plantain powder. The water-cooled stainless steel banana mill adopts high-quality stainless steel materials and has a turbine crushing design. Suitable for grinding and processing of banana powder, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper powder and medicinal powder, the fineness can reach 10~120 mesh

4. Water cooling system

The water cooling device is used to reduce the temperature of the grinding chamber. In the grinding process, if there is no water cooling system, the temperature of the grinding chamber will reach 70-80 degrees Celsius. Understand such high temperature; it will damage spices or herbs (chemical composition and smell may be affected by temperature). Temperature will also reduce the grinding speed.

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