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How To Set The Yam Chip Dryer With Proper Temperature


Fresh yams have the same ingredients as dried yams and have the same effect. But under normal circumstances, fresh yam is better than dry yam, because fresh yam is rich in nutrients, and dried yam loses some nutrients when it is dried. Fresh yam is not easy to store. After the yam is cut into thin slices through the slicing process, we can divide the slices into three different batches of large, small, and broken according to the size of the slices for drying. Remember not to stack several slices together for drying. Dry, otherwise it will be difficult to control the drying temperature during the drying process.

Arrange the sliced trays, place them on the oven rack, and bake them in three batches: large, small, and broken. When drying large slices, the temperature should be high and the drying time should be long. The temperature should be controlled at 80-100°C for 9 hours. When the small slices are dried, the temperature is slightly lower and the time is slightly shorter. The temperature is controlled at 70-90°C and the time is 6-7 hours. The shredded slices have a very low temperature and a short time, and the temperature is controlled at 60-80° C., and the time is 5 hours. The moisture of dried yam should be kept at about 10%. After drying, if there is scorched yam, it should be picked out and regarded as unqualified product. In the process of yam processing, slice drying is a key link. The control of temperature and time is a difficult point. If the temperature is too high and the time is too long, it will be scorched. Therefore, in terms of temperature and time control, it is necessary to combine reality, summarize more, and practice more.

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