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Peach Drying Machine Advantages


The peach drying machine is made according to the principle of heat pump drying. Its main heat source is to use the evaporator to absorb the heat in the air from the outside, and then transfer it to the compressor for compression into high-temperature and high-pressure gas. The high-pressure gas is then passed to the condenser to release heat, and this cycle in turn is the principle of peach dryer .

In terms of quality: when farmers use peach dryer equipment to dry peaches, the quality of dried peaches can be guaranteed, and there will be no bad dried peaches like traditional peach drying equipment.

In terms of temperature: when the peach dryer equipment is drying peaches, the temperature side is more uniform in the degree of heating when drying peaches.

In terms of time: If you use peach dryer equipment to dry peaches, the drying time will be shortened, which saves a lot of drying time.


Peach dryer equipment is a new type of dryer equipment. In the configuration of the dryer, a microcomputer control system is configured to control the temperature of the dryer equipment. No personnel are required to guard during the drying process, and This kind of dryer equipment does not discharge pollutants during drying, so the peach dryer equipment is a kind of green drying equipment.

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