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Pepper Powder Manufacturing Process


The pepper powder manufacturing process mainly includes dehydration of peppercorns, frying of dehydrated peppercorns, cooling after frying, and grinding of peppercorns.

Pepper dehydration mainly includes natural drying and pepper dryer drying. Now, with the development of technology, the dehydration of pepper is basically no longer done by natural drying. The pepper dryer adopts the latest heat pump drying technology, which can not only improve the efficiency of pepper drying, but also greatly save the energy of pepper drying, and reduce the processing cost of pepper enterprises.

Pepper cooking mainly uses a planetary stirring pot, which has its own stirring function to prevent uneven heating during the pepper cooking frying process. The pepper cooking can be fried to produce aroma, and after the frying is completed, let it cool for a period of time.

The pepper mill grinds the cooled pepper into pepper powder with a mesh size of 20-120, which can be realized by changing the mesh of different meshes.

After the pepper powder is ground, we can also provide different pepper powder packaging machines according to the specific needs of customers to meet the various needs of customers!

If you also want to engage in the pepper grinding business, please feel free to leave a message with us online for more detailed information on pepper powder processing!!

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