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Pumpkin Drying Process


The pumpkin drying process directly determines the final quality of pumpkin drying, in addition to mastering the basic pumpkin processing process.

Pumpkin processing steps

The main steps include; raw material cleaning, sorting and cutting, soaking and bleaching, dehydration and packaging. Pumpkins with good flavor, smooth skin and orange-red flesh should be selected.

1 cleaning

Wash the squash in clean water.

2 finishing

First divide the washed pumpkin to remove the fruit belt, then divide it into two halves with a knife, and remove the outer skin, inner melon petals, seeds, etc. Cut it into thin slices of 3-4 mm or 6-7 mm (you can also create filaments with a wire cutter).

3 blanching

The cut melon slices are treated with steam or boiling water for 1-3 minutes. Then use it to cool quickly and drain the water.

Pumpkin drying process

Pumpkin slices: Put the blanched pumpkin slices into the drying room for water. The drying temperature is controlled at 45°C-60°C first, and then it can be gradually increased, but it should not exceed 70°C. Dry until the moisture content of the dry product is below 6%. Dehydrated squash slices should be pale yellow or orange-red, flakes or strings.

Pumpkin powder: dehydrate and control the dry product moisture to 14%. Then it will be puffed and crushed to make pumpkin powder. On the basis of pumpkin slices, pulverize with a pulverizer to prepare powdered rice, sieve through a 60-80 mesh sieve, and then carry out aseptic packaging with a vacuum packaging machine or a composite plastic powder food bag to produce general edible pumpkin powder.

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