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Red Chilli Drying Process


Dried chili is a chili product made from dried red chili. It is characterized by low moisture content and suitable for long-term storage, but dried chili peppers with unsealed packaging or high moisture content are prone to mildew. Dried chili is mainly eaten as a seasoning.

Chili drying process:

1. Stacking thickness

The stacking thickness of chillis should be as high as possible, generally 20-30 cm is appropriate, and the stacking is too thin. However, the contact time between hot air and chilli is relatively shortened, and the heat utilization rate is low. If the stack is too thick. The resistance increases too much, and the hot air cannot penetrate the material layer. Poor drying effect

2. The choice of temperature

How the value of hot air temperature for chili drying is related to the spicy quality and drying efficiency, try to analyze the composition of chili and the influence of several main components at a certain temperature.

The fruit of chili pepper contains capsaicin and has a spicy taste, which can increase appetite. In order to better store and eat chilli, a drying process is required. According to the features of chilli, special equipment for chilli dryer is recommended as chilli drying machine.

Chilli drying process

The chilli descends layer by layer from top to bottom, and is dried through the initial drying layer, the chilli drying machine, the middle layer and the middle drying layer. The whole machine has a circulation system to circulate air. According to the requirements of the chilli drying process, it can be designed to be dry from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and from front to back through the mesh belt and material layer. The temperature of each circulating air can be independently adjusted manually or automatically to meet the drying requirements of different materials. The jet air inlet system at the air inlet can improve the drying strength and uniform air effect of the material layer at the air inlet. Machine drying uniformity, its drying rate and thermal efficiency are much higher than those of traditional similar equipment, and the obtained products are of good quality. The dried material of the chilli dryer moves with the conveyor belt, the relative position of the chilli particles is relatively fixed, and the drying time is basically the same.

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