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Red Chilli Drying Technology


How does the chilli drying machine dry wet peppers?

At present, whether we dry the chilli peppers in the sun or dry them with a chilli dryer, we use the principle of hot air circulation drying. By baking the chilli at high temperature and low temperature, or with the help of the sun and wind, the moisture in the chilli is realized. to achieve the purpose of chilli drying.

It's just that if we use the chilli drying room, the pepper does not need to be turned during the drying process. If we use the mesh belt type pepper dryer, the pepper is constantly moving and flipping in the drying box, so the pepper drying process is different, but the pepper's drying process is different. The drying principle is the same.

Chilli drying process

We have told you two drying methods for chili peppers above, chili drying room drying and mesh belt chili drying machine drying. Next, I will briefly introduce these two drying processes:

The chilli drying room is a heat pump drying equipment, which absorbs heat from the surrounding environment, and then compresses it into high-temperature hot air, and then transfers the hot star to the heated pepper. The drying curve can meet the drying methods of different kinds of materials. The peppers are placed on the trolley and pushed into the drying room to start drying. It does not need to be turned during the drying process, and the drying can be completed at one time.

The mesh belt type pepper dryer is a fully automatic chilli drying machine. It adopts multi-layer drying mesh belts for automatic conveying and automatic temperature control system. Only one person can operate the whole process, which greatly saves manpower. Different lengths, heights and widths can be customized according to different drying output of peppers and the needs of customers. The daily processing ranges from several tons to dozens of tons, which can meet the batch processing and production of peppers. When the peppers are dried, the feeder is evenly spread on the mesh belt, and enters the drying box through the conveyor belt. The mesh belt is made of stainless steel and is driven by the transmission device to move in the dryer, drying layer by layer, layer by layer. So as to realize the rapid drying process of pepper.

Chili drying temperature and time reference:

At present, the reasonable temperature for drying peppers is generally around 40-70°C. Because the different drying stages of peppers require different temperatures, humidity and time, this is still based on different chilli drying machine. situation to be determined.

In terms of drying time for chilli peppers, the chilli pepper drying room produced by our factory can generally complete drying within 24 hours, and the mesh belt type pepper drying machine can generally complete drying in 8-10 hours. Of course, different types of peppers are different, with different water content, and the drying time of chilli peppers will also be quite different. This is still subject to our actual drying conditions.

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