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Sausage Bacon Drying Machine Advantages


Traditional sausage / bacon drying mainly uses wood, coal, natural gas, etc. as fuel. This kind of sausage / bacon dryer is not very energy-efficient, and will release a large amount of harmful gases during the drying process, polluting the environment.

At the same time, it is easy to damage the color of the sausage / bacon during the drying process, damage the appearance, and even pollute the taste of the sausage / bacon.

In order to effectively solve the problem of sausage / bacon drying, GELGOOG air energy high temperature heat pump dryer was born in response to market demand. In addition to realizing energy saving and consumption reduction, its greatest significance lies in quality optimization.

GELGOOG Air Energy Heat Pump Dryer can keep the sausage / bacon from being deformed, cracked, discolored, deteriorated, oxidized, and completely dried during the drying process.

After drying, the rehydration property is good, the loss of nutrients is less, and the storage period is longer. Compared with traditional drying equipment, it can more effectively protect the color, aroma, taste, individual shape and active ingredients of the dried product.

There are many kinds of cured meat, such as cured meat, cured fish, cured duck, and sausage. The quality of preserved meat is not only related to raw materials and ingredients, but also depends on the drying process

During the drying process of the cured meat, not only the moisture in the cured meat must be removed, but also the requirements for the color, aroma, taste and appearance of the baked cured meat should be maintained.

The air energy high temperature heat pump dryer has high energy efficiency ratio, high temperature and low power consumption.

Save you running costs. And the equipment does not discharge three wastes [waste water, waste, waste gas] It is a set of environmental protection and energy-saving drying equipment.

Bacon sausage dryer features:

1. The drying is uniform, and the temperature difference between the upper and lower sides of the machine is small.

2. The drying time is automatically controlled to truly realize automatic management.

3. The heat circulates in the dryer in a closed manner, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving.

4. The temperature and humidity of the dryer are automatically controlled to ensure the appropriate humidity and temperature requirements for drying.

5. Drying at a relatively low temperature, the dried sea cucumbers are of high quality, no cracking, no collapse, good color, and good nutritional elements.

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