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Seafood Heat Pump Dryer Advantages


The seafood fish and shrimp drying equipment principle: through the compressor to do work, the heat transfer medium in the driving pipeline absorbs the heat in the external environment, and then releases the heat into the drying room through the heat exchange device, and the heat is carried out through the hot air circulation system. Continuous drying process.

The Seafood Fish And Shrimp Drying Equipment Structure:

1. Heat pump heating unit.

2. Insulation box device.

3. Hot air circulation device.

4. Automatic dehumidification device.

5. Intelligent control device.

Seafood Fish And Shrimp Drying Equipment Advantages:

1. It can effectively guarantee the physical and chemical properties of the dried materials and the quality of the dried materials.

2. The temperature distribution is uniform during the drying process, and the humidity can be automatically controlled.

3. It is safe and reliable, and there is no danger of harm to people during the drying process.

4. Low energy consumption in the drying process, effectively reducing operating costs.

5. Strong versatility, while reducing investment costs, it improves the utilization rate and effective use rate of equipment.

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