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Sweet Potato Dryer Features And Process


The sweet potato dryer drying process requires precise control of the temperature in stages, and the drying time of each stage needs to be well controlled.

Sweet potato dry heat pump drying process:

Start the sweet potato dry heat pump dryer, preheat the temperature of the drying room to about 30 degrees, put in the dried sweet potatoes, set the first stage to 40 degrees, and set the time for 1 to 2 hours. In the second stage, the temperature is set at 55° C., and the timing is 2 hours. In the third stage, the temperature is set at 65°C, and the timing is 2 hours. In the fourth stage, the temperature is set at 70° C., and the timing is 1 hour. After the set time period is over, the control system will automatically shut down the Jiashili heat pump dryer, and the materials will be taken out after one hour. Pack the dried sweet potatoes into bags.

Features of high temperature heat pump dryer:

(1) High stability, the primary requirement of industrial high-temperature heat pumps is reliable quality and stable operation! ! ! In order to meet the customer's continuous production requirements. Therefore, the high-temperature heat pump is precisely designed and strictly controlled in the control and protection of important parameters such as compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, overcurrent, overheating, and overload to ensure that the heat pump system operates under stable, reliable and safe conditions.

(2) The quality of dried products is good. Heat pump drying is a mild drying method, which is close to natural drying. The evaporation rate of surface moisture is relatively close to the migration rate of internal moisture to the surface, so that the quality of dried items is good, the color is good, and the product grade is high. The aromatic volatile substances obtained by ordinary drying methods have little retention, vitamins with poor heat resistance have low retention, and the color changes greatly.

(3) High outlet air temperature The maximum output hot air temperature is 75°C. High temperature heat pump hot air system can also be widely used in industrial fields. Such as food drying, meat drying, fruit drying, tea and scented tea drying, seed drying, slaughtering hot water, etc.

(4) Low operating cost The operating cost of the high temperature heat pump is equivalent to the cost of coal burning; it saves 50%-80% compared with fuel, electricity and gas energy-consuming equipment.

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