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Tea Drying Machine Principle And Steps


Tea is a kind of shrub that we can see every day for making tea, so do you know how the tea we make every day is dried? What equipment is used for drying? Today we will learn about our tea dryer equipment and drying steps.

Tea drying principle

The current drying of tea generally uses one of our heat pump dryer equipment to dry our tea. When this kind of tea dryer equipment is drying, it will not use coal and boilers like we used to It is the same as the one used for drying. During the drying, one of our polluting gases will be produced. One of its drying principles is to use the evaporator to absorb the heat in the air from the outside, and then transfer it to the compressor for compression into high temperature. The high-pressure gas passes our gas to the condenser to release heat to dry our tea. After the heat is dried, there is an exhaust fresh air system inside the barn, which can discharge our tea A dried gas is discharged, and then our evaporator absorbs heat from the air again to compress the compressor.

The steps of tea drying

Our tea leaves can be dried with our fresh leaves, pushing, killing, rolling, shaping, frying, and drying.

We use the heat pump dryer equipment to dry our tea leaves. The drying time is about 4 hours in our time, and the drying temperature is about 75 ℃, although our drying time is 4 hours. , but our drying is to be dried in sections, not directly at one time. If it is dried at one time, it will have a direct impact on one of our tea leaves. Sectional drying The reason is that we let the tea gradually end the drying temperature when drying, and let it gradually evaporate the water.

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