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Onion Powder Processing Machine Technology


The onion powder making machine uses a mechanized assembly line to produce onion powder, and a low-temperature drying method maintains the original flavor of onion powder. This onion powder production line is divided into three parts: pretreatment part, drying part and grinding part. The pretreatment part is dedicated to onions. The dried and ground parts can be used for other spices, such as garlic, horseradish, etc.

Onion Powder Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of the onion powder production line includes: onion-peeling-washing-dehydration-slicing-drying-grinding-packaging.


The onion powder making machine includes onion peeling machine, onion washing machine, onion dewatering machine, onion slicer and onion multilayer dryer, onion milling machine. This line is fully automatic. After processing, we can obtain onion powder and pack and store this onion powder to facilitate subsequent transportation and storage.

Onion peeling machine

Onions are very easy to scratch and will deteriorate quickly, and wearing out the peeler will increase the problem. The updated machine blows away the onion skin without making surgical incisions and cutting ends on the onion skin. Onions are not handled manually, and gentle handling significantly reduces spoilage. There is no odor or "runny nose" problem. The production capacity of the onion peeling machine is about 1 ton per hour. The machine has low processing cost and high processing efficiency.

Onion peeler Features

.Perfect peeling quality

.Fully automatic, the onion is not corrupt, the operation is simple, the peeling rate is more than 95% stainless steel, and there is no pollution to the onion.

.Fully dry peeled

. Hygienic design (easy to clean and disinfect)

-Low energy consumption and air consumption, large processing capacity

.Simple design, easy to use, using food-grade 304 stainless steel chain automatic feeder. Instead of artificially processed onions, it is labor-saving and healthy.

.Beautiful appearance, safe and reliable to use, all parts and materials conform to the standards of the People's Republic of China (GB/T-1997).

.Can be adjusted when peeling the skin layer

Automatic onion cutting machine

The onion root cutter is currently the most advanced large-volume onion processing equipment in the world. There are no special requirements for size, dry or wet onion, and area. Time. And peeled clean, no damage. This machine has been widely used in vegetable processing industry and has the following features:

1. Onions do not need to be classified. Not subject to size, dryness, wetness, depth and hardness of onions. It can cut them perfectly.

2. Automatic cutting is completed at one time, cutting clean and without damage.

3. The equipment has no wearing parts design, long service life, economical and efficient. 4. 304 stainless steel body and shell, in line with international health standards.

Onion mesh belt dryer

The onion mesh belt dryer mainly spreads the onion materials on the mesh belt through the homogenizer, and then the material is transported by the transmission device to move inside the dryer, and the multi-layer mesh belt is circulated and turned naturally, and the hot air passes through the materials. Flowing by, take away the moisture of the material, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the onion.

Onion dryer equipment advantages

High efficiency, continuous drying of materials, not affected by weather, large output and high efficiency

Good effect, multi-layer mesh belt, layer by layer drying, automatic turnover of materials, good quality of onion drying

Low cost, a variety of heat sources are available, purchase according to local energy advantages, and lower drying cost

Simple operation, only need simple settings to complete automatic feeding, drying and discharging

One machine for multiple purposes, temperature controllable, small footprint, and can dry a variety of vegetable materials in addition to onions

Onion powder grinding machine

Water-cooled condiment onion grinder (hammer grinder) with dust collector is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, national standard motor, specially designed for pepper, condiment and medicinal materials. The fineness of the powder is 10 to 120 meshes, and the fineness of the powder is different according to the nature of the material and the different water content.

Water cooling system

The water cooling device is used to reduce the temperature of the grinding chamber. In the grinding process, if there is no water cooling system, the temperature of the grinding chamber will reach 70-80 degrees Celsius. Understand such high temperature; it will damage spices or medicinal materials (chemical composition and smell may be affected by temperature). Temperature will also reduce the grinding speed.

Dust collector

During the grinding process, some materials, such as pepper, spices, onions, etc., will scatter in a small amount into the air, which will make the working conditions very bad. In order to avoid this situation, we are equipped with a dust collector to avoid it.

Machine Features

. Grinding chamber is easy to install and disassemble, easy to clean.. All 304 stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements.. Work smoothly, low noise, low vibration

 Replacing the screen can control the particle size/mesh.. Equipped with a water-cooled dust removal system

Onion powder bottle packaging machine

Most high-quality onion powder products are sold in bottles. At the factory, we need an onion powder filling and capping labeling line. Onion powder bottle filling and capping labeling machine mainly includes four parts: bottle unscrambler, bottle powder filling and capping machine, bottle aluminum foil induction sealing machine and bottle labeling machine.

Onion powder bottle packaging machine features

1. Microcomputer control, accurate quantification, adjustable parameters, and automatic error correction function.

2. The filling parts have high processing precision, good interchangeability and reasonable classification.

3. Modular design, flexible combination, automatic feeding device, bagging device, leak-proof device and special raw material components can be selected according to needs.

4. The rolling bearing is small in wear, strong and weak electric shunt without interference, high reliability, and wide use.

5. The body is all stainless steel design, corrosion-resistant, can be applied to most raw materials, and has a longer service life.

Onion Powder Processing Machine Advanatges

1. The onion powder processing machine is composed of three parts: the pretreatment part, the drying part and the grinding part, which can be flexibly selected according to the condition of the onions to be processed.

2. The drying part and grinding part of this onion powder production line are suitable for spices such as onion, garlic and horseradish.

3. It can be made into granules of 8-16 mesh, 16-26 mesh, 26-40 mesh, 40-80 mesh specifications, and powder with 80-100 mesh and 100-120 mesh specifications. The project will be changed according to your requirements for the final project.

Onion Dehydration Advanatges


Onion contains prostaglandin A, which can reduce peripheral vascular resistance and blood viscosity. It can be used to lower blood pressure, refresh the brain, relieve stress, and prevent colds. In addition, onions can also remove oxygen free radicals in the body, enhance metabolism, resist aging, and prevent osteoporosis. It is a health food suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Onion powder is a kind of condiment, and it is also a kind of food. It is used in the fields of nutrition, functional food, infant food, middle-aged and elderly food, seasoning, solid beverage, pastry, cold food, convenience food and pharmaceutical raw materials. Onion powder comes in three colors: yellow, white, and red.

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