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Dry Mango Processing Plant Cost


The dry mango processing plant cost ranges from 20,000 to hundreds of thousands. There are many factors that affect the mango processing plant cost. In addition to dry mango processing plant, there are many aspects to be considered in the follow-up. When selecting equipment, you should not only pay attention to the price, but also pay attention to the subsequent mango processing quality and whether the process is mature.

Dried mango is a kind of snack that many people love to eat. How to process and produce pure natural and additive-free dried mango has a brighter color than ordinary dried mango, uniform shape without cracking, softer sweetness, sweet but sour, and sour. Fragrant, more layered. To improve the quality of dried mango

How to choose fruit? Is the primary factor affecting the dried mango processing plant cost

High-quality dried fruit products must start with strictly selected fresh fruits. There are many varieties of mangoes on the market. Among them, there is a mango with small core and thick skin, so it is often used by locals to make dried mangoes. It is Tommy mango.

Whether mango sorting uses manual fruit sorting or professional mango grading equipment, and which grading equipment is selected will have a certain impact on the final cost of the dried mango processing plant.

After many years of trial and error, we have concluded that the fresh mangoes used for drying are the best nine ripe. Mangoes that are too ripe or too raw will affect the dried taste of mangoes. The moisture content of dried fruit is 15%-18%, the taste is the best, the appearance is also the best, and the preservation effect is the best.

How to dry? It is a key factor affecting the dry mango processing plant cost, and it also directly affects the quality of dried mangoes.

From fresh fruit to dried fruit, the general drying time is about 12-15 hours. At present, two drying methods are commonly used in the market, one is natural drying, and the second is drying with drying equipment.

The natural method of drying dried mangoes requires sufficient light. It is greatly affected by uncontrollable factors such as seasonal weather. Although the cost is low, there are too many uncontrollable factors to guarantee the final quality of dried mangoes, so this method is not recommended. For drying equipment, we mainly recommend heat pump dryers and multi-layer mesh belt drying equipment. Multi-layer mesh belt drying equipment is more suitable for equipment upgrading, large-scale continuous production, and relatively expensive. Therefore, we recommend heat pump dryers to meet the general drying needs of dried mango processing plants.

Use conventional drying room equipment and reasonable air duct design to make all dried fruits evenly heated. The temperature design is 38 degrees, 41 degrees, and 43 degrees for three stages of baking. At the same time, it adopts the alternating hot and cold air cycle every 30 minutes to add dehumidification technology, which makes the appearance of dried fruit more yellow, more transparent and tender, and sweet and sour, sour and fragrant, very chewy and layered feel.

What can happen when baking dried fruit?

Dried mangoes are very particular about baking, and the temperature design of the actual operation will also be deviated. It will vary according to the weather conditions and the sugar content and water content of the fruit. For example, if the sugar content of mangoes is too high, the temperature should be appropriately lowered. , Otherwise it will be easy to turn black, the fruit with too high water content, the temperature is too high, it is also easy to foam or crack, the temperature is too low, it is easy to bake and so on. The baking qualification rate of general industry is more than 85% as qualified. You can make trial and error according to the local mango category.

Benefit Analysis

One hundred kilograms of fresh mango can produce 10 kilograms of dried fruit. Now the main producing area of mangoes is recycled in large quantities for about one yuan per kilogram (the price fluctuates frequently). Sometimes when mangoes are unsalable, the price is unimaginably low. Now they are baked in the market. Dried mangoes can achieve a profit of more than 30%. Because our processing technology is better than ordinary counterparts, the dried mangoes processed by our mango dryer have bright color, uniform appearance and no cracking, and the taste is moderately soft and hard. Therefore, the dried mango dried by our heat pump dryer is often 3-5 yuan per catty higher than its counterparts in profit.

Market sales are an indirect factor that affects the dried mango processing plant cost.

The taste of dried mango is the most important. Under normal circumstances, dried mango can be put on the market after drying. This time the taste is the best. In order to maintain the best taste, we can equip vacuum packaging equipment. Extending to more than 6 months, or even longer, greatly reduces production and sales risks.

Dried fruit practitioners and friends who are interested in dried fruit processing projects are very welcome to study, exchange and discuss. At the same time, this project is also a small investment, low cost, and belongs to the processing of agricultural and sideline products. The procedures for obtaining the license are very simple. If the local fruit resources are rich, it is not limited to mangoes, but also peaches, strawberries, bananas, wood pineapples, etc., where these fruits are produced. Friends of you can also find out.

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