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Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine Future Trend


With the continuous development of our agricultural science and technology, the trend of farmers planting agricultural products is also increasing, especially one of our fruit and vegetable agricultural products. According to preliminary statistics, the processing volume of dehydrated vegetables in my country only accounts for about 10% of the total output. The ratio of dry products is even lower, and the average output value ratio of agricultural products before and after processing is only 1:1.9 (the average of developed countries is 1:3.8). However, in recent years, the drying and processing industry of agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables in my country has developed rapidly, which has greatly promoted the development of drying technology and equipment for agricultural products.

But this is also accompanied by a problem. When our agricultural products are harvested, such as our fruits and vegetables, they need to be dried after they are returned to the house. So what should we do with these fruits and vegetables? Let's take a look at the drying method of fruits and vegetables.

How to dry fruits and vegetables

In the past, these fruits and vegetables were usually dried by using one of our coal-fired, boiler, and electric heating methods to dry a fruit for us. However, these dryings are either expensive or polluting when drying. After that, the heat pump entered one of our drying markets. Many drying manufacturers have used one of our heat pump dryer equipment to dry fruits and vegetables for us.

Driven by policies and standards, as well as the continuous innovation of drying technology and products, heat pump drying has been widely used in various fields of social production and life, and the demand is growing. Heat pump drying is constantly being recognized and well-known by all walks of life and users, especially in the field of fruit and vegetable food drying, by virtue of its multiple advantages such as low energy consumption, low environmental pollution, high drying quality, and wide application range.

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