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Garlic Separating And Peeling Machine Delivery To Saudi Arabia


Our Saudi Arabian customer learned through the website that we are garlic processing machine manufacturers. The Saudi Arabian customer is a local garlic farmer and wants to introduce our garlic processing machinery to break and peel his dried garlic, thereby increasing its added value in the market.


Garlic clove separating machine

The garlic splitting machine is manufactured by using high elastic rubber as the counter roller shaft of the splitting machine, using the principle of speed difference kneading. Equipped with a high-performance geared motor and a sprocket drive system, the roller gap can be adjusted freely according to the size of the garlic head during work, three kneading processes, and the splitting rate is more than 95%. At the same time, it is equipped with a fan system, which can remove garlic impurities.

Garlic peeling machine

The garlic peeling machine uses compressed air as the production power. After multi-point air jets, a powerful cyclone vortex is generated to peel the garlic naturally, and the garlic is guided, peeled, and discharged automatically through electric and air control.

Why Saudi Arabia customers choose GELGOOG's garlic peeler:

1. Compact structure and small floor space;

2. Garlic removal rate is as high as 95% or more;

3. Dry peeling, no water is needed, and no pollution to the environment;

4. Stable performance, practicality, safety, easy maintenance, simple operation;

5. The body is made of stainless steel, which is more sturdy and durable, beautiful in appearance, and easy to clean;

6. In the process of garlic peeling, the garlic cloves are not limited by the size of garlic cloves, the size of the cloves is removed once, the peeling effect is good, and the skin is smooth;

7. The whole garlic peeling process adopts the design of no soaking, no cutting, no abrasion, which greatly guarantees the integrity of the garlic, and is suitable for long-term storage;

8. All garlic peeling machines can also be used for peeling red pine nuts, peeling small onions, peeling chestnut inner membrane, etc.;


Note: Garlic will be related to the production capacity and quality requirements due to the production area or the length of dry storage after harvest and the different varieties.

Now our factory has completed the production of two garlic processing machine in accordance with the contract, and has also packaged in wooden boxes according to the needs of Saudi Arabia customers, and is ready to be shipped to Saudi Arabia.

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