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Apricot Drying Process


The apricot drying process includes selecting the local specialty large white apricot as raw material, and making it through the processes of washing: de-pit, dehydration, pressure soaking, low temperature production, packaging and other processes.

Process steps of dried apricots

(1) Cleaning

Wash the fresh apricots that meet the requirements with clean water and drain the water.

(2) Denuclearization

The stainless steel knife is cut along the white suture line of the pulp, and the fresh apricots are drained and put into the basket with stainless material. Dig out the apricot pits, rinse the pulp with water,

  (3) Fumigation of sulfur

Bamboo baskets or bamboo curtains are sent into the smokehouse, placed on a wooden stand, placed in an iron plate with apricot slices, poured over the sulfur, and the charcoal from the burner's pipe is poured on the charcoal, and then left to smoke (100k The apricot slices are fastened with 4kg sulfur) for about 2 hours, when the fruit slices are half yellow, then the doors and windows are tightly closed. When the air is fully exchanged and the apricot is transparent, open the doors and windows for ventilation. Move the apricot slices outside to dry for 1-2 hours and then dry.

Dried apricot drying process

The apricot slices are sent to the drying room, arranged layer by layer on the wooden rack, and then the doors and windows are closed for drying. During the first 4- -6 hours, the temperature is maintained at 40°C to 50°C, and then gradually increased to 70°C to -80°C. With the evaporation of the moisture contained in the apricot slices and the increase of the indoor humidity, the ventilation should be opened in time to remove the water vapor, and the closing time should be controlled according to the dry humidity in the drying room and the drying degree of the apricot slices. During the drying process, the apricot slices on the upper and lower layers of the grill should be exchanged to make it heated evenly, and strive to dry the same batch of raw materials at the same time. The drying time is generally 24-36 hours. If the temperature and humidity are not properly controlled, the drying time will be prolonged, and the color and luster of such products are poor and the quality is poor.

Dried apricots after drying are sweet and soft, almonds are crispy and delicious, hot in nature, have the effect of promoting blood circulation and invigorating qi, increasing heat, and are rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, vitamin E and other ingredients.

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