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Mango Drying Process


The roses drying process mainly includes color protection before drying, loading on trays, and drying at different temperatures.

The rose drying details process are as follows:

1) Color protection treatment before drying of rosettes

The specific implementation method is to change the pH value in the cytosol of the flower material, or to kill the green at high temperature, so as to increase the stability of the pigment, and to kill or inactivate the enzyme activity in the material for color protection treatment. The main methods are high-temperature steam, microwave fixing, and blanching machines.

(2) Roses on a plate

Load the rosettes into the material in layers. With a 6P drying and dehumidification integrated host with a 25 cubic drying room as the standard model, a batch of flowers can be put into about 1800 catties. The whole drying room can be loaded with 8 material trucks, each material truck is divided into 12-14 layers, and the layer spacing is about 8-12 cm. The material truck must use 304 stainless steel screen to avoid production pollution to the material.

 (3) Phnom Penh rose drying process

After the flowers are placed in the drying room, the temperature gradually increases from 35°C, 38'C, 42°C, 46C, and 50 for 2 hours. Bake at 65C for 1 hour to increase the aroma. The humidity drops from 50% to 8% during the drying process until drying in a rosette, the whole process is about 22-23 hours.

The dried roses are sweet and slightly bitter in taste, warm in nature, non-toxic, enter into the two channels of the liver, and have the functions of regulating qi and relieving depression, soothing the liver and awakening, promoting blood circulation and dispersing stasis, regulating menstruation and relieving pain, and can cure the pain due to stagnation of qi in the liver and stomach. , Fullness of the chest and flank, breast tenderness, irregular menstruation and other diseases. Zhengli flower is mild in nature. On the one hand, it can reconcile qi and blood, and Serta can hold qi in the body. On the other hand, the unique appearance and aroma of roses can boost the body and mind, make people feel refreshed, and have the dual functions of drug conditioning and spiritual treatment. effect. Dried rose buds should be used for soaking the rose buds, 6-10 pieces each time, boiled water to make tea instead, you can also add a small amount of rock sugar or honey according to your personal taste, and the taste is better.

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