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Bacon Dryer Drying Temperature And Time


Bacon drying machine is a kind of drying equipment used to dry bacon, this kind of dryer equipment, it is also a kind of equipment that does not require personnel to burn coal materials to increase heat, but uses reverse card the carnot cycle drying method is used to dry bacon. The principle of this reverse Carnot cycle is that the evaporator absorbs the heat of the air in the outside world, and then transfers it to the compressor for compression into high-temperature gas, and then releases it in the evaporator. The heat is sent to the outside condenser to release the heat for the bacon.

Bacon dryer drying temperature

The bacon dryer equipment outside absorbs the air heat from the outside to dry the bacon, so the drying temperature outside is not very high. The drying temperature is 80°C, and the drying temperature of 80°C is normal. In the range of bacon.

Bacon drying time

The drying time of bacon is about 5 to 6 hours. In the first stage of our drying, our drying temperature is about 30°C.

The second stage of drying: the drying temperature is 60°C. The purpose of this stage is to make the fresh sausage reach the same internal and external temperature within 2 hours. The long temperature process is also a process of seasoning and meat fermentation, which can control the meat from changing color. No smell. After the preheating time, adjust the temperature to 45-50℃ and the humidity in the range of 50-55%.

The process of drying the color of bacon is:

The color changes from the off-white of the feed to light red. This stage is the color change period. We can mechanically take out our bacon and finish drying.

Summary: Our bacon dryer is an intelligent drying equipment that does not need to burn materials to dry our materials, and does not require personnel to guard when drying.

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