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Banana Powder Plant Cost


The banana powder plant cost mainly includes the cost of factory construction and banana powder processing equipment. The cost of building a banana powder factory depends on the local construction consumables and land acquisition costs. The cost of banana powder processing equipment ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It depends on the specific configuration of the device.

First of all, if you want to build a banana powder processing factory, you need to obtain approval from the local government for the land for the factory, and a certain amount of money is required in this process.

Secondly, after obtaining the land approved by the government. You need to carry out the basic construction of the banana flour factory, such as laying the foundation, ground hardening, basic water and electricity layout, etc. The cost of this step depends on the cost of local construction supplies

Then, our professional engineers can plan the layout of the banana powder factory for you free of charge, to ensure the smooth operation of your later equipment and maximize the rational use of the factory area.

Finally, according to your processing needs, we will configure professional banana powder processing equipment for you. General banana powder processing equipment will include, banana cleaning machine, banana blanching machine, banana cooling machine, banana peeling and picking belt, banana slicer, banana chip dehydration dryer, dehydrated banana chip mill, banana powder packaging machine Wait.

The following is a set of banana powder test machine video for the world famous Dole company in the factory for reference:

If you are also planning to start a banana flour business in your country. Feel free to leave a message with us online at any time to get a free quote for a banana flour factory! !

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