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Control Temperature Is the Bamboo Drying Key


Bamboo shoots are delicious and are known as treasures in dishes. Chinese medicine believes that bamboo shoots are cold in nature, can reduce phlegm and lower qi, clear away heat and facilitate bowel movements, and are very good food. Fresh bamboo shoots are very delicious after blanching, and many friends like to fry the bamboo shoots dry, then return to the water, add meat and cook, the taste is better. Bamboo shoots, some people call them "the main dish of wealth", it means that they are fried with oil and water and have a good flavor. For the processing of dried bamboo shoots, there are people who specialize in dried bamboo shoots. Now with the introduction of bamboo shoot drying machine, more and more people use bamboo shoot drying machine to produce dried bamboo shoots.

Bamboo shoot dryer brief introduction

Bamboo shoot drying machine, also known as air energy bamboo shoot dryer, can be used to dry moso bamboo shoots and square bamboo shoots. Because it uses air energy technology, it is very power-saving and energy-saving. It has been used in Sanming, Fujian, etc. There are a large number of applications in prefectures and cities. In the future, we will prohibit the use of earthen stoves that make coal, more and more people will use professional bamboo shoot dryers to make dried bamboo shoots.

Bamboo shoots have a high water content. It is recommended to start at 30 degrees Celsius and slowly raise the temperature for drying. A production batch can be completed in about 14 hours. Because the bamboo shoot dryer has built-in temperature and humidity sensors and other facilities, the temperature of each batch can be precisely controlled, thus ensuring the drying quality.

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