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Sweet Potato Drying Machine Advantages


Dried sweet potato, also known as dried sweet potato and dried sweet potato, is a traditional native product in my country and is loved by consumers. The raw material is sweet potato. The drying of dried sweet potato can be divided into natural drying and artificial drying. Appearance, sweetness, toughness and softness can maintain the original nutrition and unique flavor of sweet potatoes, but it takes a long time and is easy to go rancid, and it is often easy to destroy the nutrition and unique flavor of sweet potatoes due to the influence of the weather; in mass production, air-powered sweet potatoes are generally used Drying machine for processing, high efficiency, not affected by the weather, sweet potato drying machine is easy for industrial production.

Before there was no sweet potato drying machine, many growers used natural drying and traditional electric heating tube drying, it was time-consuming and laborious, and the operating cost was high. Since using the sweet potato drying machine, they have got rid of the troubles caused by traditional crafts, and the dried sweet potatoes baked by the heat pump dryer have no change in appearance, color, sweetness, softness, or maintenance of nutrients, inferior to natural drying.

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