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Dehydrated Vegetable Drying Machine Principle


Now vegetable drying has become a major agricultural deep-processing industry, which has also brought very good benefits to the majority of farmers. So what is the principle of the dehydrated vegetable and sunflower dryer? Today, we will give you a detailed introduction - next, I hope you can It can be a reference for everyone.

Introduction of dehydrated vegetable drying machine:

With the implementation of agricultural planting measures to benefit the people, large-scale agricultural planting has become a major trend, and the regional large-scale planting of vegetables has reached a large scale. A large number of fresh peppers need to be dried and stored in a short period of time after harvesting for long-term preservation. However, the traditional artificial natural cooling requires a larger site, good weather, a long time and a large labor cost, which can no longer meet the current market requirements. demand.

The emergence of the dehydrated vegetable drying machine can quickly complete the vegetable dehydration process and preserve the integrity of the vegetables by overcoming the dependence of the natural drying method on weather conditions, and reducing the impact of physiological processes, rain, rain and snow weather on the quality of vegetables. , color and nutritional value, ensure the drying degree of vegetables is consistent, and achieve the ideal drying effect.

Dehydrated vegetable drying machine is a kind of drying and dehydrating equipment that can accurately control drying parameters and progress according to the variety and water content of vegetables. It is suitable for drying, dehydrating, curing, drying and drying of various dehydrated vegetables. The speed is fast, the production efficiency is high, the labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.

Dehydrated vegetable drying machine principle;

At present, the main equipment types of dehydrated vegetable dryer are heat pump dehydrated vegetable drying machine and mesh belt type dehydrated vegetable dryer. When we choose, we can choose flexibly according to our own production needs.

The drying process of dehydrated vegetables is generally divided into two stages, the constant velocity stage and the deceleration stage. In the constant velocity drying section, the speed at which the moisture inside the dehydrated vegetables diffuses to the surface can keep the surface of the dehydrated vegetables fully moist, that is, the moisture content of the surface is greater than the larger hygroscopic capacity of the drying medium, so the drying speed depends on the surface vaporization. speed. The moisture in the deceleration stage is vaporized inside the dehydrated vegetables, and then diffuses to the surface in the form of steam, so the drying rate in the deceleration stage completely depends on the diffusion speed of moisture and steam inside the dehydrated vegetables. Therefore, the deceleration stage is also called the internal diffusion control stage.

The dehydrated vegetable drying machine uses the hot air generated by the hot air furnace as the drying medium, and sends the hot air to the mesh belt dryer through the hot air distribution and transmission parts to dry the dehydrated vegetables. , the running speed of the mesh belt, the temperature and humidity in the drying room, etc. can be adjusted by the electronic control system to meet the requirements of materials with different moisture content and drying of different varieties of dehydrated vegetables to ensure the equipment can operate continuously and automatically.

How many degrees does the dehydrated vegetable drying machine need?

At present, there are thousands of varieties of dehydrated vegetables in China, including root vegetables, leaf vegetables, flower vegetables, etc., so the control of drying temperature is definitely not uniform, and it should be treated according to the specific situation.

Under normal circumstances, when drying vegetables, the dehydrating vegetable drying machine follows the principle of low-temperature drying, which can ensure that the vegetables will not change color after drying, and can also ensure the original quality and shape. For the specific vegetable drying temperature setting, you can consult the manufacturer's technicians for details.

The above is the introduction of the principle of dehydrated vegetable drying machine, I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about the vegetable drying machine, please call the sales staff of our factory for detailed consultation.

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