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Ginger Processing Technology


At present, the more common ginger processing technologies mainly include the drying technology of ginger flakes, and the further processing of dehydrated ginger flakes into ginger powder. Today, we mainly talk about the technology of processing ginger into ginger slices.

The main process of processing ginger into ginger slices is: cleaning and peeling the ginger, slicing the ginger, air-drying and draining the ginger, placing the ginger slices on a plate, putting the tray full of ginger slices into a trolley and sending it to the drying room or other drying equipment. Each ginger processing technology has professional ginger processing equipment, as follows:


Ginger cleaning and peeling machine: It can remove the sediment and other impurities from the ginger skin, and it has an automatic cleaning function after peeling, and rinses the ginger skin clean;

Ginger slicing machine: Slicing the cleaned and peeled ginger into thin slices is more conducive to drying the ginger slices, and the thickness of the ginger slices is 4mm.

Ginger slice draining and air drying machine: The cut ginger slices are transported to the air knife air dryer through the conveyor mesh belt for rapid air drying at room temperature, which will not damage the original color of the ginger slices, and can improve the processing efficiency of the dehydrated ginger slices;

Ginger slice drying and dehydrating machine: The drying temperature of ginger slices is set at 90 degrees, and drying for 6 hours can realize the drying of ginger slices.

Processing ginger into ginger slices is only one of the techniques of ginger processing. We can also help you process the dehydrated ginger slices into ginger powder, ginger tea and other ginger processing techniques. If you have any questions about ginger processing, please feel free to leave a message online with us!

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