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Heat Pump Dryer Application Fields


How does the heat pump dryer work and its applicable scenarios? What are the things that need to be paid attention to in different seasons? How to effectively extend the service life of the machine? Now we will describe the heat pump dryer equipment (system) to everyone:

1. Thermal efficiency and exergy: mainly consider the amount of energy utilization, mainly including energy consumption per unit of water loss and thermal efficiency, which is the part of energy that can theoretically be converted into useful work under environmental conditions. Or use analytical methods to try to form a practical thermal and economic calculation method in the dryer system design, with the goal of optimizing the entire system design.

2. For the hot air drying system, the two largest losses are exhaust air physical exergy loss, followed by temperature difference heat transfer exergy loss. The direction of energy saving is firstly to consider the use of exhaust air heat, and secondly to try to reduce the heat transfer temperature difference. We must vigorously promote the use of low-grade heat sources, use solar energy and industrial waste heat, adopt heat pump dehumidification hot air circulation system, develop combined drying equipment, and adopt combined drying craft.

3. Exhaust waste heat recovery can save energy by 10%-15%. The steam heat transfer heating system generally adopts the method of throttling inspection to adjust the air supply pressure to meet the requirements of the equipment, resulting in energy depreciation, and it is difficult to discharge condensed water smoothly, thereby reducing the strength of the heat exchange equipment, heat pump condenser recovery heat supply Replacing the traditional steam system can save energy and reduce consumption, and it can save energy by 15% for paper drying.

The heat pump dryer has a wide range of applications, and is now the most common use: tobacco leaves, tea leaves, dried flowers, dried sweet potatoes, seafood, dried bamboo shoots, cured meat, etc. can all be dried using heat pump dryers.

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