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How Much Electricity Does a Heat Pump Dryer Consume per Hour


Heat pump dryer equipment, which is a kind of compressor equipment that uses the evaporator to absorb the heat of the air in the outside world to compress it, how to turn it into a high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and then transfer our gas to the condenser for release A device that produces heat for our materials to dry.

For heat pump drying equipment, some people say that our heat pump drying equipment also uses power supply to dry, so what is the difference between it and our electric heating? In fact, it is really different. The heat pump dryer equipment uses a power supply to drive the compressor to dry when drying, while our electric heating is to let it be energized to make our fins heat up , which is different.

So how much electricity does our heat pump dryer equipment consume when drying? In fact, our heat pump dryer equipment does not consume a lot of electricity when drying. It is only used to drive our compressor to run and compress the air.

The power consumption mainly depends on the size of the equipment you use. For example, our 6p dryer equipment consumes about 6 kilowatt-hours of electricity when drying, and our small dryer equipment consumes relatively low power Yes, such as a small 1.5P box type, it consumes about 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity when drying.

Summary: The heat pump type dryer equipment uses the heat of the air in the outside world to dry when drying. Its drying method uses a small amount of electricity to drive the compressor to run, and uses the compressor to compress The air then releases heat on the condenser to dry our materials. Its power consumption per hour is not high. For example, household drying equipment consumes about 1 degree of power per hour.

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