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Heat Pump Dryer Temperature And Effect Relations


The temperature of the drying machine is not necessarily proportional to the drying time, depending on what material is being dried.

As we all know, heat pump dryer equipment does not mean that the higher the drying temperature, the shorter the drying time. In fact, the purpose of using the dryer is simply that the dryer can remove the moisture inside the material, but due to the The drying efficiency is different depending on the temperature. The temperature of 100 degrees Celsius may not necessarily shorten the drying time, and the temperature of 70 degrees Celsius may not necessarily shorten the drying time. The reason is because of different drying methods. The thermal efficiency and drying mode of the machine equipment are different. The temperature is not the decisive factor in determining the drying efficiency, the design of the system is the key to drying. Its design is unreasonable, no matter how high the drying temperature is, the drying time may not be reduced.


The above theories may not be very clear to everyone, so let’s take our pepper drying as an example. Pepper is a material with a high water content. If we directly set a high temperature for fast drying, what will happen? As a result, the peppers will become brittle and mushy and cannot post-bake high-quality peppers.


Heat pump dryer equipment is not the higher the temperature, the faster the drying speed, the shorter the drying time, but to set the drying temperature, drying time and stage according to the material you are drying etc.

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