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Herbal Medicine Drying Machine Advantages


The purpose of drying medicinal materials is to remove moisture, control the activity of enzymes, prevent the decomposition of active ingredients, and facilitate long-term storage for later use. The drying effect of the herbal medicine dryer is close to natural drying, and the main heating methods are electric heating, steam heating and hot air heating. Drying temperature and humidity can be adjusted appropriately; make full use of hot air, quickly dry and dehydrate, and save energy.

The herbal medicine drying machine can effectively guarantee the quality, color, appearance and active ingredients of herbal medicines; it adopts AI intelligent automatic temperature control, which is easy to operate and control, and can work 24 hours without special guards. While ensuring the drying quality of materials, large The cost of drying is greatly reduced, and the economy is good.

Compared with the traditional drying method, the air energy heat pump drying method can greatly speed up the drying speed of herbal medicines and shorten the drying cycle. 1 degree of electricity is equal to 4 degrees of electricity, energy saving, environmental protection, and low energy consumption. However, the traditional drying process consumes a lot of energy. For many manufacturers, a lot of money is lost invisibly, which is not very cost-effective.

Therefore, saving energy on the premise of meeting the drying process requirements is the basic requirement of modern herbal medicine dryers. During the hot air drying process, the air serves as a heat carrier to provide all the heat of the material, and also acts as a moisture carrier to take away the moisture discharged from the material in time. We have a professional team of engineers who help hundreds of customers design drying solutions for free, and have accumulated rich experience in drying technology to help customers bake herbal medicines with high appearance, high quality and high nutritional value.

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