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How Is The Peeled Garlic Processing In Factory?


Peeled garlic mainly uses the joint work of air pressure and air compressor to realize the bulb garlic peeling into garlic cloves in the factory . Peeled garlic can be processed on a large scale in the factory without polluting water sources and the environment, with a high degree of automation and improved garlic processing efficiency.


According to the garlic peeling needs of customers, we can provide a complete set of garlic peeling production line, mainly including a series of garlic processing equipment such as garlic clove breaking, garlic peeling, garlic cleaning, garlic drying, garlic packaging and so on. Specifically, the functions of different garlic peeling equipment are as follows:

Here is our garlic peeling and packing processing line in our factory for your reference!!  

Garlic crushing machine: Garlic Cracker mainly divides the whole garlic into small cloves, which is convenient for subsequent garlic peeling and processing;

Garlic peeling machine: The garlic peeling machine is the core equipment of the garlic peeling line. Its main function is to peel the garlic divided into small cloves. It mainly realizes the peeling of garlic through the joint work of air pressure and air compressor. When the air pressure reaches the set value, turn on the air off-line power supply (knob switch), and adjust the control time of the air off-line relay according to the size of the garlic cloves.

Garlic washing machine: The garlic cleaning machine can be used to clean the transparent film attached to the peeled garlic skin;

Garlic drying machine: The garlic drying machine adopts normal temperature air drying to quickly remove the residual water droplets on the surface of the cleaned garlic, which greatly improves the subsequent packaging of peeled garlic and other garlic deep processing efficiency;

Garlic packaging machine: The garlic packaging machine is recommended to use a multi-head weighing packaging machine for packaging, which can not only accurately control the packaging volume of garlic, but also has a variety of packaging forms to choose from;

Now you know how peeled garlic is processed in the factory? If you also need to develop peeled garlic processing business, please feel free to leave a message with us online to get a free quotation and more detailed information about the garlic peeling line! !

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