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How Much To Start A betel Nut Drying Factory


Betel nut is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine and also a kind of dried fruit. It needs to be dried and processed before it can be stored for a long time. Most of the betel nut planting is concentrated in Southeast Asia, Tropical Asia, East Africa and parts of Europe. It is a good choice to open a betel nut drying factory. How much is the investment? Through this article, we will take you to understand the investment and equipment of the betel nut drying plant.

1. What are the precautions for starting a betel nut drying factory

Although the demand for betel nuts is relatively large every year, the market is in short supply, causing the price of betel nuts to keep rising. The country has strict requirements on environmental protection. Many betel nut processing factories have stopped production, and the number of manufacturers that can operate normally has decreased, which has led to an increase in the price of betel nuts. Therefore, when choosing betel nuts When drying the room, choose energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment.

2. The equipment needed to start a betel nut drying factory

The investment amount of the betel nut drying factory is related to the required equipment. We need to understand the process of betel nut drying and which equipment to use. To start a factory, you need to apply for relevant certificates from relevant departments, select the factory site, etc., all of which need to meet environmental protection standards. The betel nut drying machine choosing also is the key.


The process of betel nut drying is feeder, conveyor, betel nut drying room, discharge, etc. According to the production requirements of different customers, the related equipment of betel nut drying also needs to be adjusted, especially the selection of areca nut drying room. Different types of betel nut drying prices are also different.

3. How much is the investment to open a golden betel nut drying factory

It takes about 200,000 to 300,000 USD to start a small betel nut drying factory. If you start a large betel nut drying factory, the investment will be large, about 1 million USD, and the corresponding annual income is also considerable. The specific investment funds should be contact the manufacturer.

Most of the betel nut drying factories are located in Southeast Asia, Tropical Asia, East Africa and parts of Europe, where there are more betel nuts planted, and they can be processed directly without long-distance transportation during the betel nut ripening season, which also facilitates the processing of betel nuts. As long as you have the relevant formalities and certificates, you can purchase a betel nut drying room and supporting equipment to produce directly, and the investment capital is relatively small.

Purchasing equipment is an important part of opening a betel nut drying factory. The specific investment depends on the actual choice of the user. The betel nut drying machine output of the user are different. Different users have different production needs and the actual investment. There will be differences. If you want to know the configuration and quotation, you can contact the manufacturer and let the technicians make a reasonable calculation according to your actual situation.

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