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How to Choose the Heat Pump Dryer


At present, many bosses who want to engage in drying business are confused about how to choose a suitable heat pump drying unit. After years of experience in the industry, we have concluded that the purchase of high-temperature heat pump drying units mainly depends on six parameters:

1. Heat pump can provide dry temperature

The applicability of the heat pump is very wide. The heat pump can dry the materials that can be dried by the sun. The heat pump can also dry the materials that cannot be dried by the sun. The heat pump can provide an adjustable temperature of 20-80 ℃. Any material that is suitable for this temperature can be used. It can be dried and molded very well.


2. How many kilograms of materials can be dried at one time

Heat pump units are generally calculated in units of 5P, and there are 10, 15, 20 units and other specifications. The 5P unit can generally dry about 600 catties of materials with high humidity, and can dry up to 1000 catties of materials with relatively low humidity.


3. How big a drying room is needed

The size of the drying room can be designed according to the site and the amount of material to be dried at one time. The size of the conventional drying room designed by our company is a drying room with a length, width and height of 2600×2300×2600mm, 15.5 cubic meters; if the material does not require high temperature As high as (50°C), the drying room of the 5P unit can be designed to a maximum of 20 cubic meters.


4. How much relative humidity needs to be preserved

Generally, agricultural and sideline products need to be stored at a relative humidity of 25%, but each product has different requirements for humidity. Therefore, in terms of humidity control, as long as the customer can properly adjust the control according to their own needs, the fully automatic control system developed by our company can be used. Set the humidity and temperature of the material according to the needs of customers.


5. How long does it take to dry a batch of goods

For example: the drying time of 500 catties of Buddha incense (4mm in diameter) is about 10 hours, and the bacon takes about 46 hours. Due to the variety of materials to be dried, the evaporation of heat absorption of each material is different, so Adjust the drying cycle according to the actual needs of the material.


6. Moisture displacement

The dehumidification capacity is based on 5 units. According to the difference of the evaporated water of the material, the average dehumidification capacity of the general material is about 12 kg per hour. When encountering the material with a large water content and relatively difficult to volatilize, the dehumidification capacity will vary. On the small side.

Now do you know how to choose a heat pump dryer? Want to know more details about heat pump dryer, welcome to contact us at any time.

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