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Radish Heat Pump Dryer Advantages


Radish heat pump dryer , he is a device that uses the air heat in the outside to dry the radish. His drying principle is to use the evaporator to absorb the heat in the air in the outside world and then transfer it to the compressor for compression. High temperature and high pressure gas, and then pass this gas to the condenser to release heat to dry the radish. This cycle is the principle of heat pump dryer .

The reason why this heat pump dryer equipment is used to dry radishes is that when traditionally using heat pump dryer equipment to dry radishes, there will be pollutant gases generated, and this The carbon dioxide emitted from the air will directly destroy the quality of one of our air. In addition to the policy, our users basically use one of our heat pump radish dryer equipment to dry the radish, then the radish heat pump dryer What are the advantages of equipment drying? Let's find out below.

The radish heat pump dryer drying advantages

1. In terms of operating costs, it saves a cost of our use, because only one of our power supplies is required to drive one of our radish dryer equipment, and the power consumption per hour is not high. There is no need to be guarded by special personnel when drying. The drying process is controlled by one of our microcomputer control systems.

2. The drying process does not require burning and drying, but absorbs the air heat from the outside to dry the material. This drying method will not produce polluted gas. Dryer equipment It is a green energy saving and environmental protection equipment.

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