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Onion Drying Machine South Africa


South African onions are mainly exported to other parts of Africa and Europe, and international exports require a lot of freight and transportation losses. In recent years, onion drying machine have become more and more popular in South Africa. It can help small onion growers to obtain greater economic benefits, and the dried onions are easier to store and can be used all year round.

The onion dryer is the core equipment for South African customers who want to engage in the onion drying business. According to the processing capacity of each batch of onions, we can provide three different types of onion dryers, large, medium and small. Each batch can handle 100kg, 400kg, 1000kg of onions. The specific onion drying time and temperature settings need to be determined according to different equipment.

In addition to the onion dryer, drying onions generally requires front and rear onion processing equipment, such as onion root cutters, onion peelers, onion slicers, and so on.

If you want to start an onion drying business in South Africa, please feel free to leave a message online with us for more detailed information on onion drying.

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