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Pork Skin Drying Process


Generally, when we go to the market to buy pork, the pigs we buy are all with pork skin. Some people do not eat pork skin, but some companies also specialize in the processing of pork skin, mainly for drying pork skin. These, so how is the dried pork skin made?

Pork skin drying process

According to the heat pump dryer 7P drying and dehumidification-body main machine, it is calculated by configuring a polyurethane insulation drying room with a length of 5.8 meters, a width of 3 meters and a height of 2.2 meters. It can be loaded with 8 material carts at a time, and each cart can be loaded with cooked porks. The skin is 200 jins, a total of 1600 jins, the temperature is set at 45C- -60°C, and the drying procedure is divided into three stages to complete.

The temperature of the first stage is 45 ° C, the time is 5 hours, and the humidity is continuously removed.

The temperature of the second stage is 55C, the time is 5 hours, and the humidity is continuously removed.

The temperature of the third stage is 60 ° C, the time is set for 8 hours, the moisture is continuously removed, and the drying can be completed. The color of the dried pork skin is brownish yellow or tan curly bright lumps, until no marks can be pressed with fingers.

Pork rind is a raw material for meat products with high protein content. The meat products such as pork skin, pork skin, ham and other meat products processed from pig skin are good, good in color, aroma, taste and taste, and are important to human skin not only toughness, tendons, bones, and hair. physiological health effects. The protein content of pork skin is 2.5 times that of pork, the carbohydrate content is 4 times higher than that of pork, and the fat content is only half that of pork.

The dried pigskin not only retains the original nutrients of fresh pigskin, but also is convenient for storage and transportation. Therefore, the market prospect of pigskin drying is relatively broad. If you want to start pigskin drying business, please feel free to contact us online message! !

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