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Tomato Drying Process


The dried tomatoes can extend the shelf life of tomatoes and can be eaten all the year round. The dried tomatoes lock the original nutrition cost of tomatoes. Is the drying process of tomatoes complicated?

1. Material selection: select the fruit with less thick flesh and juice, full red color, but not ripe, and remove the fruit with insufficient maturity, disease and insect pests, and unqualified damage.

2. Peeling: Put the washed tomato fruit in boiling water for about 1 minute, cool it immediately, and peel the tomato.

3. Juice squeezing: Dig the stem at the handle of the fruit and cut the seam, gently squeeze out the juice.

4. Hardening: immerse the fruit in 0.30% calcium chloride solution for 2 hours.

5. Cleaning: wash the hardened fruit with water, remove the embryo and drain the water.

6. Sugar pickling: add 0% citric acid to the drained tomato germ sugar flow.

7. Sugar boiling: pour the sugar soaked tomato with the maceration solution into the sandwich pot, slowly heat up to the boil, and soak the tomato juice and fruit with the sugar boiling solution in the porcelain jar for 12-24 hours after about half an hour. Soak for 2-3 times repeatedly to increase the concentration of sugar solution each time. Cease fire when the concentration of sugar liquor reaches 65%. Pour it into a porcelain jar for 8-10 hours, then remove the tomatoes and drain the sugar liquor.

Tomato Drying Methods

Put the tomatoes drained of sugar solution into the material tray, insert the material tray into the material cart, and dry them at 60 ° C - 65 ° C at an interval of 10 cm. The drying time is set at 15-20 hours, and the moisture is continuously drained to make the water content reach about 18% and the soluble solids content reach 70%.

Precautions for drying tomatoes

The finished tomato is dark red, transparent, no sand return, no sugar flow, proper sweet and sour, with the flavor of tomato fruit, containing more than 065% sugar and about 18% moisture

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