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Red Chilli Powder Manufacturing Process


The red chilli powder manufacturing process mainly includes processing processes such as pepper cleaning, air drying, dehydration, de-stemming, and grinding.

Each processing process has corresponding chilli pepper processing equipment, details as follows:

Pepper washing machine: The bubble generating device is used to make fresh red peppers roll in the sink, and thoroughly remove impurities such as dust, dirt and pests on the surface of peppers;

Chili Air Dryer: The surface of the chili pepper is left with water droplets after being quickly air-dried and cleaned at room temperature, which does not damage the chili skin and improves the processing efficiency of the chili pepper;

Chili dehydrator: The chili dehydrator evaporates the excess water in the chili meat through high temperature within a certain period of time, extending the shelf life of the chili;

Chili grinder: grind the dehydrated chili into powder. The fineness of the grinding powder can be configured with a corresponding mesh screen according to the specific needs of the customer. Dust pollution occurs.

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