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Sweet Potato Drying Process


In addition to controlling the macroscopic temperature of sweet potatoes during the drying process, the sweet potato drying process also needs to be cleaned, peeled and sliced before drying, and the thickness of the sweet potato slices needs to be grasped to ensure sweet potatoes good drying effect.

Sweet potato processing steps

Clean the red dew first, and then put it into the boiler for steaming. Take out the sweet potatoes when they are about seven or eight mature, and wait until they are cooled before slicing. In the section of slicing, the thickness must be consistent first, which is basically about 2 cm. After completing the above steps, you can put the red dusk slices into the material tray to make the thickness uniform and arrange them neatly.

Sweet Potato Drying Process

First start the machine, when the temperature of the drying room reaches 30°C, push the material cart full of sweet potato chips into the drying room, set the target temperature to 40°C, and the time is 2 hours. Enter the second stage, set the target temperature to 55°C, set the drying time to 2 hours, and carry out continuous dehumidification. In the third stage, the target temperature is raised to 65°C, the drying time is set for 2 hours, and continuous dehumidification is carried out. Enter the fourth stage, set the target temperature to 70°C, set the drying time to 2 hours, and carry out continuous dehumidification. Finally, the humidity of the sweet potato chips is kept at 18%, and the drying can be completed. After downtime, let the sweet potato chips cool naturally.

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