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Rose Petal Drying Process


With the development of science and technology, there is already a special dryer for drying rose petals, which not only has a large drying output, but also has a fast drying speed. Instead of the traditional slow fire drying, the resulting heat is difficult to control, and the humidity of the material cannot be well controlled. And by drying in the sun, the color and fragrance of the dried roses are poor. Let's talk about the drying process of rose petals in detail.

Rose petal drying process

1. Pretreatment before drying: Before drying, roses can be treated for color protection, or high-temperature killing, so as to increase the stability of pigment.

2. Plate the roses: Put the stamens of the roses into the tray layer by layer, put the petals upwards or downwards uniformly, do not squeeze them, and the ratio of wet to dry roses is about 4:1.

3. Set drying parameters:

(1) Adjust the drying mode, this stage does not dehumidify. Let dry for 1 hour.

(2) Set the temperature to about 50 degrees, and then start dehumidification, and reduce the humidity to 40%.

(3) Increase the temperature by 10 degrees, and lower the target humidity to about 30%.

(4) The temperature remains unchanged, and the target humidity is lowered to 20%.

(5) The temperature can be lowered appropriately, and the target humidity can be lowered to 15%

4. Collect flowers:

Arrange for manual detection of flower buds. At this time, if the flower buds are full and the color is purple-red or purple-red, gently pick the flower buds with your hands. If the flower buds are in the form of powder flakes, it means that they are completely dry.

5. Classification and storage:

After the dried flower buds are graded according to the quality of the product, the dried flower buds are dried to room temperature, and then put into a non-toxic sealed plastic bag, waiting for the finished product to be packed.

The rose petals application

Rose petals are a favorite ingredient for most women. They are mild in nature, rich in fragrance, and have multiple uses. They can be made into rose tea and rose porridge. effect.

1. Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis: rose petals have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Drinking tea can promote blood circulation in the body and achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals

2. Calming and comforting: Rose petals can express the depression in the body, warm and nourish the heart, liver, and blood vessels, and have the effects of calming, soothing, and anti-depression, which is more conducive to a comfortable mood.

3. Help digestion: Rose petals can purify the digestive tract, improve symptoms of nausea, vomiting and constipation, balance and strengthen the stomach, help digestion, and avoid obesity caused by overeating and overeating.

4. Eliminate bad breath: rose petals contain a variety of genols, such as geraniol and nerol, drinking in moderation can improve bad breath and purify breath.

5. Beautifying and beautifying: roses have the effect of promoting qi, activating blood and harmonizing viscera. Drinking in moderation can not only make the dull complexion gradually rosy, but also improve facial spots.

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