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Shrimp Drying Process


Shrimp is a common delicacy, and dried shrimp is also a delicacy. So how do we dry shrimp?

Shrimp drying proess

(1) The steamed shrimp can be dried with the shell, or the shelled shrimp can be dried. Drain the boiled shrimps, spread them evenly on the baking tray, and then load them into the material truck and send them to the heat pump drying room.

(2) According to different kinds of shrimps, it is appropriate to set the temperature of the intelligent control system of the dryer at a medium high temperature of 50C-70 ° C for about 4 hours, with the moisture content of 18%. In the drying process, a slightly larger circulating air volume is required, and the wind speed is also relatively high, so as to avoid water vapor staying on the surface of dried shrimps. The key control points are to inhibit the growth of bacteria and maintain the color of dried shrimps and shrimps.

According to the above drying steps, the dried shrimp is complete in shape, neat in appearance, natural in color, light yellow in color, red in color, plump in meat, curved in body, and with a unique natural flavor.

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