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Small Green Mandarin Orange Drying Process


Green mandarin oranges are processed from immature peels. Although the essence is still very green at this time, it has high volatile oil content, high hesperidin content, and obvious heat-clearing and sterilizing effects. After processing, it is matched with suitable Pu'er ripe Tea makes small green mandarin tea, but high-quality small green mandarin orange is very particular about fruit selection, production, drying and storage.

Small green mandarin orange processing steps

The best cutting edge for picking is 3 mm away from the fruit stem, so as to keep the integrity of the fruit stem and the whole fruit without hurting the fruit tree. Wash at least 5 times, first with a water gun, then with a machine, to remove dirt and dust first, and then to remove residual substances. During the entire cleaning process, if you encounter incomplete or unhealthy fruits, you must immediately pick them out to ensure that the whole batch the small green oranges are clean and have a mellow smell.

When removing the pulp, pay attention to it. If the force is heavy, the peel may be damaged. If the force is light, the pulp may remain, resulting in a bad taste. In this step, a small round cover should be opened on the periphery of the fruit pedicle of the green mandarin orange, and then a skilled worker will use a tool to insert through the cover to remove the pulp. After the peel and pulp are separated, the small green mandarin has a dimension, like a green "small teacup". Next, the peel is cleaned again, firstly to remove the impurities in the "small teacup", and secondly to clean again to ensure the quality, after cleaning, wait for a little air-drying before filling the tea.

Small green mandarin drying process

The drying process of small green mandarin oranges (half-baked and full-baked) is aimed at making the citrus peels age better during the low-temperature drying process, maintaining the original fragrance to the greatest extent, maintaining a stable volatile oil aroma, and making small green oranges Green mandarin and Pu'er tea produce a unique aroma, and the taste is mellower and smoother.

1. In the drying process, the first thing to consider is that the ambient temperature is high, so after turning on the air energy heat pump dryer, set the parameters of intelligent temperature and humidity control. In the early stage, keep the low temperature of 45°C for 4 hours, and the humidity control is 50 %. So that the fragrance of tangerine peel can slowly diffuse into the Pu'er tea.

2. Next, raise the temperature slowly, 5°C above the original basis, and dehumidify slowly, preferably at least 5%, and keep this dry state for 3 hours. At this stage, the aroma of tangerine peel can be smelled in advance.

3. At this stage, you can increase the temperature and carry out a large amount of dehumidification. The temperature is raised by 10°C on the basis of the above-mentioned 50°C, the humidity is controlled at 30%, and it is dried for 4 hours. The fragrance of oneness begins to emanate at this stage.

4. Finally, raise the temperature by 5°C, that is, 65°C, and control the humidity to 15%, until it is dried.


After drying, the whole Xiaoqingcun is about 12 grams, including about 9 grams of Pu'er tea, and about 3 grams of orange peel. The volatile oil content of the tangerine is high, and a thin layer of white frost will appear on the skin of the tangerine after drying, which is a sign of better quality and efficacy of the tangerine.

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